Objectivity in Support of Creativity

Although It’s the one thing in the movie business that makes all the difference between success and failure, studios, filmmakers and star actors don’t perform this simple acid-test on the screenplay before spending millions of dollars on production.

Creative people either work intuitively, not consciously aware of how the storytelling process works, or they are aware but so involved in their movie, they lose objectivity.

The service we offer is objectivity.

Issues of structure, plot, character development, dialogue etc are secondary. All flaws in screenplays trace back to the 1st act plot point.

That’s our focus: Does the screenplay have a 1st act plot point? Is it viable? Does it create a problem, a physical goal and antagonistic forces for the main character?  Does it create an emotional or character goal? Has the 1st act plot point been used to organise the key elements of the Story Pattern into an engaging and forward-moving story or does the story wander off on a tangent like in Gladiator? 

Take a look at the article on Transcendence.  If you think your screenplay would benefit from that kind of analytical approach, we can help.